BNX 5-Pack KN95 Mask A96 Duckbill Face Mask

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It seems like the appropriate time to deviate away from the tech reviews and do a mask review. I have tested, tried and tested way too many masks in the last year. Disposables, cloth, KN95’s, N95s and more. I was conducting an Amcrest IP camera review and Amcrest reached out to me and asked if I would review their BNX 5-Pack KN95 Masks and I was delighted.

The first thing that stood out to me was the MADE IN USA, stamped on these masks. They are distributed by: AccuMed and I am thankful Amcrest is using their resources to help the world out.

BNX 5-Pack KN95 Mask A96 Duckbill Face Mask
BNX 5-Pack KN95 Mask A96 Duckbill Face Mask

Disclaimer: I did receive these masks for free in return for an unbiased review. Having received these for free does not sway my opinion nor does it buy it.

So lets’ dive into this:

The masks are a newer style then I was used to. They are a folding Duckbill Style Headband and the elastic goes around your head and neck, instead of your poor ears which have had masks hanging off of them for a year now.

Honestly, it is a welcomed break and I do like the behind the head design. This is a huge pro for anyone wearing glasses, sun glasses and earnings, as you are not sharing your ear space with the mask as well.

These duckbill masks are priced at $13.99 with free shipping and free returns for a 5-Pack. This is cheaper than previous KN95 masks that I have purchased and they are from a company I know and trust. Compared to random unknown companies online.


  • Breathing is easier especially if your breathing harder due to exercise or moving around more
  • The masks does not press up on your lips
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a reputable company – Amcrest
  • Minimal Glasses fogging (adjust the metal noise piece to correct fogging)


  • A light tight on my head but great for my wife and kids. I got a size medium, so I would need a large. I am 6’3” (I have a big head, I guess but a large would make more sense for me personally)
  • Slight smell at first (not a deal breaker – most masks smell)

Overall it is tough to say anything bad about these masks because I really do like them. I will be looking at getting a large size but overall I am impressed. Breathing is easier due to the space in front of my mouth and you don’t have the cluster-phobic feel that some masks give you when they press up on your face.

Check them out on Amazon here. Special thanks to Amcrest for providing these.


  • These KN95 masks are manufactured in Houston, TX by BNX Converting, LLC, a NIOSH approved manufacturer of N95 masks.
  • This KN95 mask is NOT an N95 mask. For more information about KN95 masks please see the following before you purchase:
  • Adjustable metal nose piece allows for a tight seal which helps to protect against airborne particles. Please follow all recommended fitting instructions and guidelines to ensure proper personal protection.
  • Flat fold duckbill design allows for convenient storage prior to use.
  • Ideal for use in crowded or contaminated areas such as: Commercial Buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation, etc.

Amazon Link Info

BNX 5-Pack KN95 Mask A96 Duckbill Face Mask MADE IN USA (Headband) (GB2626-2019), Particulate Filtering Mask, Disposable Anti Dust Safety Face Mask (5 Pack) (Medium) [Updated Nose Wire/Elastic]

Amazon Help – KN95 Masks are not N95 Masks


KN95 is a Chinese standard for respirator masks. Similar to the N95 standard, masks must filter 95% or more of particles to meet the KN95 standard.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has provided guidance on use of alternatives such as KN95 masks when N95 masks are in short-supply. The CDC also has published testing results for over 120 KN95 masks. These results indicate which masks met or failed the 95% filtration standard when tested.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for respirators manufactured in China. This authorization includes a list of KN95 masks that the FDA has authorized for use in healthcare settings by healthcare personnel. These masks help prevent exposure to the coronavirus when used in accordance with CDC recommendations. The FDA removed masks that failed to meet the 95% filtration standard in CDC testing from the FDA EUA list. Amazon continues to monitor FDA and CDC guidance. Note: Amazon does not independently test these products.

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