Amcrest AI Camera Review – 4K, 5MP & 8MP

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Amcrest Security Camera AI Review

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Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) IP POE AI Camera, 4K @25/30fps, 98ft Full Night Color Vision, Security Outdoor Turret Camera, Vehicle & Human Detection, Built-in Siren Alarm, Two-Way Talk, IP8M-DT3949EW-3AI


Amcrest 5MP IP PoE AI Camera w/ 49ft Color Night Vision, Security Outdoor Bullet Camera, Built-in Microphone, Human & Vehicle Detection, Active Deterrent, 129° FOV, 5MP@20fps IP5M-B1276EW-AI (White)


Amcrest 5MP AI Turret IP PoE Camera w/ 49ft Nightvision, Security IP Camera Outdoor, Built-in Microphone, Human & Vehicle Detection, Active Deterrent, 129° FOV, 5MP@20fps IP5M-T1277EW-AI

⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:04 IP8M-DT3949EW-3AI
  • 04:18 IP5M-T1277EW-AI
  • 06:13 IP5M-B1276EW-AI
  • 07:43 Unboxing
  • 09:46 Daytime Camera Testing
  • 10:37 Nighttime Camera Testing
  • 11:52 Zoom Test Day
  • 12:32 Zoom Test Night
  • 13:08 Recommendations

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Video Transcript

thank you so much for watching theBunky’s YouTube channel my name is Johnand today we’re going to talk aboutamcrest security cameras IP cameras Poecameras Etc so amcrest was kind enoughto send me a couple of cameras whichwe’ll review today you can see it here Isimply do have the boxes with me becausethey are mounted outside so I could dosome tests and three of the camerasthey’re all a little bit different andthey also have some similarities one inbeing AI with human vehicle and tripwire detectiontripwire is simply drawing a line on thescreen and if an object crosses it thenwhat happens and that’s tripwire AItechnology so they did send me thesecameras but still this is my own opinionand I do have a lot of experience withthem I have bought I believe now 20 pluscameras from them so I do have quite abit of experience with other modelsother types and older models as well soif you have any questions please do letme know so let’s get into itIP8M-DT3949EW-3AIum here we are on the amcrest websiteum the first one we’ll talk about iskind of the flagship of the three thatwere sent out the amcrest Ultra HD 4K 8megapixel ippoa Poe AI camera it’s aquite the mouthful but it really doesexplain what it doesum this one’s at 259.99 typically Ibought cameras around 60 to maybe 120um so this is easily double that andsomeum it is a turret style camera as youcan see here you can spin it around thebase and it comes with a special allenwrench to do so and then you can tilt itit’s a basically a ball like yourshoulder and you can turn it however youneed to turn it as you can see on thefront here it has a kind of policelooking lightum that can flash a siren and anotherlightto really be able to see and view whatyou need to you know see people robbingyou and stealing your bikes then you candefinitely see it it has uh color nightvision which is really nice compared towhat I have I have a lot of black andwhite ones and this would be the firstfor color night visionumso yeah active deterrenceum HDh.265 compression which is really niceum most people use 264 which which Forksas well it just takes a lot more spaceso if you’re running several cameras oryou only have so much hard drive or NVREtc then you’ll appreciate this this oneis two-way talk uh flexible storageoptions you can record over the networkrecord to a NVR record to the cloud ithas Edge recording where you recorddirectly to a SD card that you placeinto it the slot is all sealed withrubber this one is IP67 certified andall of these cameras have an outside forprobably two-ish weeks and we havereceived rain every single day and hailand they are covered by maybe 10 inchesof soffit but they’re down from thesoffit so they’ve definitely gottenrained on uh inhaled on and survivedjust fine so that’s the first one thisis definitely Best in Classreally good in low light and I thinkit’sprobably it for this onethe lights were great you could see anabsolute ton as opposed to a regularcamera when you turn them on peopledefinitely know they’re there and thesirenum people had freaked my kids out it uhit definitely works as it shouldum I will say has it for259.99 and Amazon has it for 239.99 andthen as of June 23um they have a 40 coupon which takes youright under uh 200 which is excellent soyou can see it right here up close andpersonal these are all mounted outsidecurrently and lastly I’ll say this has125 degree viewing angle which is quitewide covered my driveway no problemyou can see the other features herereally impressed with this one the nextIP5M-T1277EW-AIone we have is pretty much theequivalent of this oneum but it is a 5 megapixel one andsignificantly lower in price so if youneeded several it’s easier to getseveral 84 than it is at 250. I will sayon theum model number so ip5m for 5 megapixelt12277e and then B is for black and W isfor white so that’s the biggest changeDash AI for all of these as they have aiagain for humans cars and tripwire Ireceived the white ones because theylook nice on my house and I need wifeapproval to mount anything on it uh I dohave black ones at an office as wellum and it just depends do you wantpeople to see them do you want them toblend in it’s up to your preferencethere’s reasons for both I have noticedthat once putting up cameras less peoplewalk through our propertyumbecause there’s an Alleyway so theydon’t cut through now that they were upand they were up for a long time beforethey were ever on so having them be seenis one thing and having them be hiddenoutside’s another and you can havereasons for boththis one’s five megapixelsum at 20 frames a second and then againthis one does the h.265 or h.264 videocompression I prefer 6.5 to save spaceand then the viewing angle on this oneis 129 so for 4 degrees wider uh if youwilland again on Amazon we got 69.99 it’scheaper and there is no coupon on thisone but you get free returnsumsimilar stuff perimeter you can see theperimeter protection here I don’t wantanyone touching my neighbor’s lawn so Ineed to know or maybe that’s his lineIP5M-B1276EW-AIall right last one is a bullet camerainstead of a turret I have both uhthere’s reasons for both there’sdifferent ways to mount them the turretcamera is very hard and come back hereat the very tippy top there’s a spot foran allen wrench to loosen it so you canrotate it and then it’s just like a balland socket you can turn it any which wayyou need to to get the Angles and thenonce you tighten that allen wrench it’svery hard to changea bullet camera for instance a lot ofpeople and I’ve seen it they take astick and they they push it up and thennow now it’s changed now you can tightenthis down an absolute ton if you haven’talready lockedum you know straight out horizontalmaybe you couldn’t push it up but youcan push it down and I’ve seen cameraspush down where they see nothingum but I do still like bullet camerasand I do I do still own them as wellthis one is 84.99 similar to the otherfive megapixel one and on Amazon rightnow it happens to have a 10 off couponwhich takes it from 69 to 59 but allthat will change on prices uh as thingsare all over the place this bulletcamera has 129 degree field of view soit’s very similar if not the same asthis oneso you choose body style you want thisor do you want thisand there’s preferences for both eachhave the AI detection which isincredible and the color night vision solet’s get to an unboxingUnboxingall right so here we go in the unboxingum you can see the top two uh videos arethe turret camerasum the 8 megapixel and the fivemegapixel and the bottom one is thebullet cameraum they’re all really nicely packagedeverything’s wrapped in cardboard uhwithin this box itself so FedEx orAmazon decide to drop kick it and throwit at your front door it will surviveand you’ll see there’s a outer foam Edgeuh basically encapsulating everythingeach one comes with a quick start guidea join our community guide a one freemonth of amcrest cloud little pamphletuh again asking for review one does showin a security notice I guess they all doto update your firmware which I highlyrecommend a sticker for mounting yousimply mount it or sorry put it on yourhouse drill the holes pull it off andput the camera in each one also comeswith a rubber housing where you can feedan ethernet wire through it and have asealed ethernet connection all of mineare in another separate enclosure butwhen they’re permanently mounted intheir spots they will have thatum so you can see here again verysimilar the turret ones do come with anuh Allen key which has a Torx bit whichallows you to move the camera and changeitum everything comes in plastic and youcan see me struggle uh with that as wellbut it is all nicely packaged as itshould be and the housing it’s all metalit’s really nice there’s really nothingcheap about it these are nice cameraseven at the 84 or 69 how wherever youget it uh price point the door I’mpointing to on these is where you putthe SD cards you can see that kind ofball and hingething I’ve only connected the poe oneach of these as wellDaytime Camera Testingall right so how do these cameras lookwell here’s a test now I’m originallystanding out at 60 feet and I’m walkingin now these aren’t necessarily licenseplate reading cameras but I didum print oneum and then put it on a board but as faras seeing people and animalsum I had to pick up a bear I’ve had itpick up my cat and it definitely peoplein vehicles no problem and you can seeeach one here so the top left is theamcrest 5 megapixel outdoor turret andagain these are all sitting on a boardabout this far apart maybe a foot apartthe top right is the amcrest 8 megapixeloutdoor turret and when you zoom in youcan readum the text no problem on that one uhNighttime Camera Testingand then the bottom center one is theamcrest five megapixel outdoor bulletso again me starting out I’m 60 feet outand it’s a sloped downhill drivewayum the height off the ground for theturret cameras is seven feet four inchesand the bullet camera is seven footeleven inches and I have all the defaultsettings now one thing I didn’t takeinto account when doing this is the IRof all four cameras three that I’mtesting and one that was already thereis shining down uh The View and thedriveway itselfum that’s why I think I’m kind ofballoon out as I get closer asum you know there’s a lot of ir shootingthat way and then this last test I didit with the porch light on it’s about 21feet to the left of the cameras lookingout or my right looking in and you cansee the color night vision working onthat one as well on the top rightamcrest 8 megapixel outdoor turretfor this use case I thinkum any of these cameras is actuallyreally fantastic as far as seeing who iscoming up a large area or a drivewayalright so here we are zoomed in what IZoom Test Daysee on my computer versus what I uploadon YouTube there’s a little bit of blurin the text but I can read it especiallyat 30 feetso I was at 60 50 then 40 then 30 so Iam getting there as far as seeing facialfeatures you know body typeEtc you’ll definitely be able toidentifypeople animals Etc and vehicles andthat’s what this is used for the textwas simply just to see if it can do itand it can so there it is at 30 feetum and you can read everything not sowell on the video but it can be read andonce I get right up closer to it it’s aZoom Test Nightlittle better on the nighttime oneum there’s a little bit of ghosting I’mnot sure if it’s my I think it’s how I’mrecording this so I will work on that toget crisper stuff but when I downloadthe video and look at it especially onceI get from 30 in it does look a lotbetter I can again identify whoever Ineed to see Vehicles Etc my porch lightwill always be on home assistant turnsit on it’s LED I don’t think it’s goingto go bad forever so it works the way Iwant it to workRecommendationsall right that sums up a lot of thedetails about each of these cameras ifthey’re particular things you want tosee or have questions about please letme know in the comments below and I willtry to answer them for you either viacomment or maybe making another video Ido want to dive deeper into some of thesettings of each of these cameras andpositioning as well as recording withoutother cameras nearby because I did havethem nearbyum again the turret ones and the bulletone I would choose any of them the colornight vision Game Changer the AI withhuman and vehicle detection as well asthat tripwire are are all really goodtools that any one of us could use thereare definitely some boundaries ineveryone’s yard where you don’t wantthings crossed I have a back fence it’stypically crossed by bears I’m assumingit would pick it up now one doesn’tcross all the time so getting a testwill be interesting but I I do thinkthis would help with that you know ifanything crosses said barrier please letus know uh thanks again to amcrest forsending these out I do highly recommendand use each of these and again if youhave any questions let me know a thumbsup or a like would be appreciated justlet me know what you think of this videoand how we can do better thank you somuch for watching

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